It Is WurlD’s World, We’re Just Living In It | AFROSOUL EP [Study]

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WurlD Afrosoul

Of course, “it is WurlD’s world, we’re just living in it.” He has made this impression on several occasions and it is not a new statement to the spectators watching.

Previously, WurlD showed off immense chemistry with Sarz on ‘I Love Girls With Trobul‘ EP, now he’s out a rhythmic solo effort, an extraordinary extended play which he tagged ‘Afrosoul. Consisting of seven tracks, the EP carried waves of feelings, joy, prayers, courage, ego, emptiness and loneliness. On ‘National Anthem‘ which is the divine opener, WurlD gave us some serious lamba, fused with some words of prayers and positive declaration, he said;

Dem pray make I fail, make I fail

Don’t test my faith, me nuh fear, me nuh fear

More wins everyday, everyday

Don’t test my patience today, not today oh

Oh sangolosa, sangolosa, sangolosa

Sangolosa, sangolosa, sangolosa

Sangolosa, sangolosa, sangolosa

Sangolosa, sangolosa, sangolosa

The aforementioned lyrics are possibly the most frequent on the record, the electro-fusion star scored multiple points. While trying to get you on your feet dancing with extreme joy and happiness, he topped it with some powerful declarations and prayers. I mean, I’m not a professional in chemistry but the mixture would give you feelings of immense satisfaction and merriment. What a way to start off the project.

On the second track ‘Ghost Town,’ I think WurlD is trying to open our eyes to the sad reality of the contemporary world. You only have a lot of people around when you’re popping, when it’s all gone, you’re back to being lonely. The world is a ghost town, he also expressed how people envy you when you’re winning. Peep the lyrics below.

I need to survive

Keeping my head in the light

Keeping my spirit alive to be a winner

But when you won so much

And you don’t slip up

Many men try to come and put a bomb on your spot

So you better hit the bulls eye

Love Nobody‘ was the first track he unveiled before dishing out the entire body of work. From the electric sounds to the thumping drums, the record can get you dancing while putting some thoughts in your mind. WurlD expresses how jealous himself and his lover is, they don’t want to see themselves next to someone else.

I know you want me now, put my head undercover

Put my head undercover, you like me undercover

Yeah I like it when you invite me

Put me under your river

Swimming in your river, falling down your river

She don’t want me loving nobody, nobody, nobody

And I don’t want my baby next to nobody, nobody, nobody, nobody

She don’t want me loving nobody, nobody, nobody

And I don’t want my baby next to nobody, nobody, nobody, nobody

The Afrobeat-influenced tune ‘Story‘ has some catchy and melodious strings, WurlD sings about being held in an all-consuming love, chanting words of adoration for his lover. The record was produced by ace music producer, Shizzi alongside Soko 7.

Everyday no be normal day oh

Everytime I dey feel someway oh

Only you wey dey dey my head, na your love wey scatter my brain

You give me loving, you run away oh

You give me time make I change my way oh

I just dey form to dey do yanga

I know I act like a tough-tough guy

When you no dey call me, I dey lonely

When you no dey text me, I dey lonely oh

Wayo‘ is the second record WurlD dished out before he finally unveiled the complete project. Produced by talented beatmaker Kel P, WurlD flows rhythmically on the Afrobeat-influenced instrumental. He expressed grief as he warns his lover against deception in their relationship. He said;

My feelings getting critical (Yea yea)

This is more than physical oh

You make a man dangerous

Ma lo toh mi

No dey switch personalities

We don dey get too comfortable

No dey do you gba mi oh

No dey do me wayo

Wayo wayo

Wayo wayo

Tell me make I jump I go jump many things for you yea

Can’t Come Outside‘ is the 6th track on the 7-track extended play, it was produced by ace music producer, Del B. WurlD expressed grief fused with pride on this particular joint, while he’s trying to get things right with his ex-lover, his ego jumps in and you know what that means. Both parties still got an affection for one another but their ego would block any form of apology on coming from their path.

Baby you give me one level

Na you change it to no level

Why you mess with the energy ohh

Baby, full love If I no dey so, who’ll love you?

If you no dey so, who’ll love me ohh?

Baby, you gat me waitin’ on the sun

You’re always in my heart

Whether you here or you’re not, yah yah yah

My love will be hurt, yah yah yah

Remember you told me, It’s easy to fall and be open

My love with ledge will be broken It’s all ’bout a communication

Produced by Wakayna, ‘Birthday Song‘ features Zeal of VVIP, it is the 7th and the last track on the project. It is a birthday song, for the celebration of life, It produces a soothing sound which will definitely clam the listener’s nerves.


The ‘Afrosoul‘ EP is, without doubt, one of WurlD‘s best projects since he made his foray into music in the first quarter of the last decade. With the look of things, it seems we’re yet to explore the best of WurlD‘s world. His immense talent has placed him in an aura of high veneration, having written songs for some of the greats in the music business, he goes further to prove that he still has a lot in the bag. In fact, his talent is limitless. The new EP finds us in a win-win situation both for the artist and the fans.



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