‘A Lot Of Marriages & Relationships Are Suffering Because Women Are Not Having Orgasms’ – Joro Olumofin Writes

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Joro Olumofin, who claims to be a “love doctor” and relationship expert puts it that marriages of nowadays are in danger because of lack of orgasms.

Joro took to his page, and pointed out that women are not getting orgasms and that’s why today marriages suffer.

”A lot of marriages & relationships are suffering because women are not having orgasms. So many wives have written me because of this Orgasm issue. Husbands / Boyfriends are not paying attention. It’s a shame that a lot of wives have never had penetrative orgasm. They only have orgasms when they masturbate.

This technique In the video above allows you :

1 Penetrate your lady with your Penis whilst also stimulating her Clitoris with your finger

2 Allows you kiss her ear & bite her neck

3 Lastly, allows you stimulate her nipples at the same time. Your woman deserve happiness. It’s not fair if you cum and she doesn’t.
This road to your lady “cumin” is a process.
If your man is not willing to learn. He is not a serious minded partner.”



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