Meet Princess Ayoka: Beauty and Brains Intertwined

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We shared a few laughs with a good conversation in between, and yes, it was a thrilling experience. It felt good finally finding a selfless being whose thread of reasoning is an open box of ideas and is willing to actively change, not just the beautiful people around her but as well as the world.

At this point, I know you’re probably wondering who it might be, perhaps a few guesses here and there. Not to worry, we’re just about to let the cat out of the bag.

It was a beautiful Tuesday morning and we had a sit-down with the National Director for Miss Teen United Nations, Nigeria, Miss Princess Ayoka. A young lady who has one way or the other influenced the average man positively. Its time you met her too.


Tell us, who is Princess Ayoka?

Princess is a little girl of wonder that just wants to change the world. I love to regard myself as a serial entrepreneur because I’m much more than a pretty face in the modelling industry. I run several businesses such as Regal Boutique which is located in Abuja, as well as handle the planning of various corporate in and out of Nigeria. Presently, I am the National Director for Miss Teen United Nations, Nigeria,

We must say, that is a lot. Give us an insight of your formative years. 

Well I have been everywhere most of my life. My university years of my life was spent in the east, as I attended the Imo State University. I graduated in 2013 with my core in Industrial Physics. I know you might be shocked as to why I am not practicing, but unknown to many, I am actually practicing. I am a member of the National Association of Industrial Physics as well as the Renewable Energy of Nigeria. Let’s just say its safe to call me a Master of all trades.

How long have you been in the modelling industry?

This year will make it a decade as I begun in 2009.

Nice. Do tell, how you were able to strike the balance between both school and your passion.

It wasn’t easy, but for you to seamlessly strike the balance between both, there must be a drive. I’ve always loved the aspect of impacting in people’s lives, one way or the other and, the constant need for good role models, hence the interest in pageantry.

But a huge factor in striking a balance is prayers. With God, passion and drive, everything is possible.

So, what’s the Miss Teen Untied Nations Nigeria all about?

The Miss Teen United Nations Nigeria is an annual beauty pageantry that focuses on volunteer work, with a vision to give young women the opportunity to make an everlasting mark on the thread of positive impact irrespective of their various backgrounds. The pageantry also strives to raise world leaders while highlighting both beauty and brains who in turn will be an advocate for peace on the long run.

Is this the first edition or have they been previous ones?

This is the maiden edition. We had one earlier on in 2015, but it was a combination of both Mr and Miss Teens United Nations Nigeria. But this time around, its just Miss Teen United Nations Nigeria.

There seems to be an all-time high of beauty pageantry shows in Nigeria, on the flip side, we would love to know what sets yours apart from the others?

Ill love to say the vision is different from the rest. This goes beyond beauty and brains, its rooted in values. The aim is to create a queen that is recognised worldwide who in turn will have the passion for giving back to the society freely irrespective of the odds. Giving back to the society is a continuous process and a UN ambassador has no expiration date as it is dated for life.

Also, we aim to rebrand the perception of beauty pageantry in Nigeria. A few are of the opinion that most queens are escorts, and this is far from the truth. This stigma is one thing we are strongly kicking against.

So, when would this event take place? 

We would be kicking it off with a ‘10’ day bootcamp from the 28th of August 2019 at the renowned Mount of Delta, with 28 contestants. The grand finale will be on the 8th of September in Lagos. Its going to be a rollercoaster of fun and the best part of it all, is that it will all be televised live.

Out of curiosity, no pun intended, how old are you?

Haha! Let’s just say I am 21 because I want to be 21 forever.







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