Easy Guide to Dance Shoes: What to Wear to Your Next Dance Class

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Summer is here and you finally signed up for that dance class that you always wanted to attend, but before you go to the first class take a trip to the mall and go shoe shopping! Whether it’s salsa, ballet or flamenco, you need to show up with the right dance footwear.

Dance shoes are not like the everyday shoes that you go to work with or wear on a daily basis. If you are about to practice dancing you must wear the proper shoes in order to avoid any injuries and enjoy the experience as much as you can. And to make it easy for you we made a list of the dancing shoes that you can’t replace with regular ones.

Ballet Shoes

Classical Dancing or Ballet requires special shoes usually called Pointe shoes. Made from light fabrics that allow your feet to move freely and with flexibility. They usually come in pastel colors or black, if you’re performing the black swan, and they look so beautiful you’ll want to wear them everywhere.

Tap Shoes

Tap dancing is basically all about the shoes. Tap shoes are made with special heels so that they make certain tap sound upon hitting the floor. Usually, they come in black and feel a bit heavy but once you put them on and start tap-dancing you will not want to take them off.

Flamenco shoes

Flamenco dancers exert so much effort with a very quick pace. So, if you are considering flamenco the right shoes are a must-have. Flamenco shoes are made from Leather with heels ranging from 4 to 7 cm. The heel is pointed so that they give a sharp sound when hitting the floor. If you’re a beginner go for the shorter heels to maintain your balance and control your movement.

Jazz Shoes

Jazz shoes are awesome because they look really pretty and I could personally sign up for a dance class as an excuse to wear them. They work for jazz dancing, acro-dancing, hip hop, and other styles as well. They are usually made from rubber with a certain thickness for shock absorption.

Ballroom Dance Shoes

These shoes are your choice for any Latin dance like salsa, tango, samba and so on. They are also the perfect choice of any ballroom dance like the waltz.

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