China Warns Citizens In Canada To Stay Away From Marijuana

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China Warns Citizens In Canada To Stay Away From Marijuana

In the wake of the legalization of marijuana in Canada, China has issued a warning to its citizens that reside in the North American country, urging them to take heed of the dangers of marijuana use.

The Good And Bad Effects Of Weed

The Chinese consulate-general in Toronto published a statement on the official website, which reads:

“The consulate would like to remind the Chinese citizens in the consular district, especially international students, in order to protect your own physical and mental health, please avoid contact or using marijuana.”

The consulate went on to add the penalties of drug use in China, reiterating Article 357 of the Criminal Law of the People’s Republic of China. “It is illegal to grow, possess and use cannabis in China,” they add.

Canada Becomes First Major Western Nation To Legalize Marijuana

That same article groups marijuana into the same category of drugs as heroin and cocaine and citizens who return home to the country with traces of THC could be convicted as smugglers and face the ultimate punishment for narcotics use in China–the death penalty.

The Japanese consulate in Vancouver also issued a warning that those found violating the country’s laws can be prosecuted at home.

South Korea added that any activity with marijuana that may be legal in Canada will be considered illegal and individuals will face punishment at home.

24 Hours After Canada Legalised Indian Hemp, Stores Run Out Of Supplies

Cannabis was officially legalized nationwide in Canada on October 17 after being illegal in the nation for almost 100 years (the drug was added to the Confidential Restricted List of the Narcotics Drug Act Amendment Bill back in 1923).

The passing of the Cannabis Act’ (Bill C-45) fulfilled one of Prime Minster Justin Trudeau’s major campaign promises, but it has not been without criticism – particularly amongst Asian-Canadians. 



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