AfriDocs Presents On Silverbird TV: #MigrantStories Documentaries

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Make sure to tune in to SILVERBIRD TV this weekend for some of the best in African documentaries presented by AfriDocs, Africa’s only free streaming platform for documentary films.

These informative and engaging series of films tackle the complex issues of immigration and migration that will be broadcast on SILVERBIRD TV and streamed for free on the AfriDocs platform.

Using the art of storytelling and the power of documentary filmmaking, AfriDocs will be focusing on the important issues and debates around irregular immigration. AfriDocs will showcase stories told from the perspective of African migrants during their harrowing attempts to make it to Europe in hopes of a better life.

Take a journey through film that shows the realities, the honest feelings and the facts about attempting to make it across land and sea at all cost.

These films, many of them produced from an African perspective, offer a window into the diverse experiences of refugees, migrants, and those left behind. With the aim of both debunking many of the rumours that exist about immigration and migrants, as well as to humanize the people so often objectified through the West’s portrayal, these six films will be broadcast on a range of free to air television stations in Nigeria, Ghana, Somalia and Ethiopia, as well as on the AfriDocs streaming platform.

Watch the trailer below

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With the support of the German Foreign Office, AfriDocs will present these films as part of outreach to migrants, and those considering migration in order to enable them to make more informed and empowered decisions.

All of the films can also be streamed ANYTIME FOR FREE at or on the  AfriDocs YouTube Channel.

The following films will be screened in key territories as per the schedule listed below.


Revenir (To Return), 78 mins, David Fedele and Kumut Imesh, 2018

Silverbird TV Saturday 1st December 06.30 (GMT+1)


Those Who Jump | Moritz Sebert | Morocco, Spain | 2016 | 80 min

Life TV (West Africa) November 29th 23h00 (GMT+1)

Silverbird TV Saturday 1st December 09.30  (GMT + 1)


Aji Bi, Under the Clock Tower | Raja Saddiki | Morocco | 2016 | 66 min

Silverbird TV Sunday 2nd December 08.00 (GMT + 1)

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