AfriDocs #MigrantStories Documentaries – Those Who Jump

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Those Who Jump

Rather than shooting a regular documentary, filmmakers Moritz Siebert and Estephan Wagner decided to hand their camera to Abou Bakar Sidibe, a Malian hoping to get into Europe through Morocco.

In northern Morocco, there’s the Spanish enclave of Melilla: Europe on African land. On the mountain above, live more than a thousand hopeful African migrants, watching the fence separating Morocco and Spain. Abou is one of them.

Dreaming of a new life in Europe, these migrants plan to cross the border illegally but at the border is the problem of a high fence with 24-hour surveillance cameras and police officers ready to deal harshly with anyone who dares to make the jump. Only a few make it across. Others get caught, give up or lose their lives in the attempt.

Watch the trailer below

Those Who Jump (Les Sauteurs) is one of three documentaries showing on Silverbird TV this weekend as part of the AfriDocs #MigrantStories documentary series. You can catch this film on Saturday 1st December, 09.30  (GMT + 1) on Silverbird TV and Life TV (West Africa) on November 29th at 23h00 (GMT+1).

You can also stream ANYTIME FOR FREE at the AfriDocs website or on the  AfriDocs YouTube Channel.

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