AfriDocs #MigrantStories Documentaries – Revenir (To Return)

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Revenir (To Return) is a film by filmmaker David Fedele and Kumut Imesh, a political refugee from the Ivory Coast who is currently living in France.

The film which is part road trip, part memoir and part journalistic investigation follows Kumut as he returns to Africa and attempts to retrace the same journey that he himself took more than ten years ago when he was forced to flee the civil war in his country. However, this time he’s got a camera in hand.

Watch the trailer here

In 2004, Kumut was forced to flee civil war in the Ivory Coast, seeking a peaceful and safe place to live. He began the long journey across Africa, finally arriving in Morocco where he spent 7 years. While in Morocco he worked closely with NGOs and associations working closely with other migrants, providing support and assistance.

In 2013 he met the film director David Fedele in Morocco, and he worked as the translator for the film The Land Between. During this time, Kumut developed a very keen interest in documentary film-making, especially the potential to tell stories from an African perspective, and the original idea to make a film retracing his journey across Africa was born.

In 2014 Kumut arrived in Europe, and was granted asylum. He currently lives as a refugee with his wife and small child in France.

Revenir is one of three documentaries showing on Silverbird TV this weekend courtesy of AfriDocs #MigrantStories documentary series. The film will be showing on Saturday 1st December by 6.30 (GMT+1) or you can stream ANYTIME FOR FREE at the AfriDocs website or on the AfriDocs YouTube Channel.

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