#WakaKenya Chioma Akpotha and Uche Jombo Raid Fort Jesus on Days 3 and 4 of #MagicalKenya

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Hi again, hope you have been keeping up with Chioma Akpotha, Uche Jombo and Goge Africa’s #WakaKenya adventures across Magical Kenya till date. You can catch up on Day 1 and Day 2 now

We rushed over to Nanyuki Airfield to catch our flight down to Nairobi for some more Magical Kenya discovery.

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From the Nairobi airport, we headed down to the Fairmont Hotel, the Norfolk to have lunch and a well deserved rest

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The next day, we said our quick goodbyes to the wonderful staff and people at Fairmont Hotel, the Norfolk before getting on the flight to Mombasa where more fun and exploration of Magical Kenya awaited us. As you can see, our #WakaKenya plenty, no be small.

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On arriving Mombasa, we set off to the World Heritage Site – Fort Jesus.


Fort Jesus, built by the Portuguese in 1593-1596 to protect the port of Mombasa, is one of the most outstanding and well preserved examples of 16th Portuguese military fortification and a landmark in the history of this type of construction. The Fort’s layout and form reflected the Renaissance ideal that perfect proportions and geometric harmony are to be found in the human body. The property covers an area of 2.36 hectares and includes the fort’s moat and immediate surroundings.


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 We headed down to the Bombolulu Workshops and Cultural Centre which runs a programme for The Association for the Physically Disabled of Kenya (APDK), Coast Branch that operates several workshops and a cultural centre through which it offers social and economic rehabilitation and empowerment of people with disabilities.

Mombasa Tusks
The famous Mombasa Tusks

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All these artworks and crafts were done by the centre’s 80 disabled men and women artisans and sale proceeds go back into helping the centre.



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