Friends With Career Benefits! Demi Lovato X Nick Jonas Cover Billboard Magazine

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Demi Lovato X Nick Jonas are on the July 30th, 2016, cover of Billboard Magazine. The pair will join forces for their FutureNow tour. It’s only right they share a magazine cover as well.

The cover was shot by Austin Hargrave. The images were shot on location at the Orpheum Theatre in Los Angeles, California. Stylist Jeff K. Kim selects cocktail ready attire including a dapper suit for Nick and fur separates for Demi.

Nick Jonas x Demi Lovato _001_360nobs

Demi flaunts her curves in Adrienne Landau fur pieces and a sparkling gown, while Nick sticks to his suit.

They had a lot to talk about concerning their friendship and sharing the same passion. Here are some excerpts from the interview below;


Nick Jonas x Demi Lovato _002_360nobs

Speaking on their support for LGBTQ community

JONAS Of course. Think about my past and where my love for performance comes from — musical theater. And playing this gay fighter in a very macho world forKingdom, it requires me digging really deep, and I do it with respect and honor.

LOVATO For me, it’s a little personal. It’s obvious what my [“Cool for the Summer”] lyrics are about. Just because I never said anything bluntly [about experiences with women] doesn’t mean I’m exploiting it.


Talking about their Friendship early on

JONAS Well, for a couple of years there was the Joe and Demi romantic thing, so I’d be this emotional bridge for them. But she and I were productive — we’d write songs about it. We became even closer because it was never going to be [romantic].

LOVATO There’s a song on my first album called “Gonna Get Caught” about how I thought Joe was a player. I remember we were on the bus writing the bridge, and Joe is like, “I think it should have a happy ­ending.” I’m like, “No, I don’t think it should.” And poor Nick is sitting there like, “What are we actually deciding here?”


Have a look at more photos from the Demi Lovato X Nick Jonas cover below;

Nick Jonas x Demi Lovato _003_360nobs

Nick Jonas x Demi Lovato _004_360nobs

Nick Jonas x Demi Lovato _005_360nobs

Nick Jonas x Demi Lovato _006_360nobs

Nick Jonas x Demi Lovato _007_360nobs




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