4 Weird Things That Can Make You Calm When Angry

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Getting angry is a part of everyone’s daily life and it can occur as a result of a variety of happenings. It could be that your colleague just pissed you off by talking bad behind your back or someone just illegally jumps ahead of you on a queue. The first thing that comes to your mind when this happens is how you can pay them back. Getting revenge is not the best when you’re angry as karma usually gets around, especially when you’re cheated. In such circumstances, it’s best you calm yourself down. But how do you get to do that?

Follow these 4 simple tips to calm yourself down when you’re angry and never giving a thought to revenge.

Fill Up Your Mind
Even though the brain is small and constitutes only about 2 percent of your total body weight, it ranks highest in energy consumption with over 20 percent of your daily calories intake being used up by it. The part of the brain known as the MPFC or medial prefrontal cortex governs human emotions and is perhaps the highest energy consuming part of the brain.

If you find yourself feeling angry and wanting to react negatively to a situation, consider taking a cup of juice. This will send a burst of glucose to your MPFC which will be enough to calm you and your nerves down.

Delay And Distract Yourself
A lot of men tend to make effort to assuage their anger by employing acts such as swearing. This may be effective but their are other subtle ways to go about it. Swearing can give you relief but will likely do more to aggravate your anger. The best thing to do is to delay having an outburst by counting from 1 to 20. Follow this up by taking deep breaths and meditating which will help to distract you from the cause of your anger.

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Take A Look at Yourself
When you’re angry and you ask anybody that was present whether the reason for your anger is rational, you’d likely get a negative answer. By playing the role of a stranger, you can be able to view your actions through the lens of objectivity and impartiality.
This is important as it can help you to remove any blinding emotion from the equation which can show you that getting back at the person who offended you will bring you nothing but regret.

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Do The Opposite Things
When you’re angry, you probably want to have an outburst, scream at everything and everyone around you and maybe break a few things. Doing exactly the opposite of this can help to calm you simply because it is highly improbable to have incompatible emotions at the same time. Tasks that make you feel good such as helping out a friend, singing your favourite tune or kissing your partner are things that are directly the opposite of what you’d do when you’re angry.
More so, research has shown that for much of this century, empathy, humor, and mild sexual arousal are things that reduce anger and as such, can help you achieve calmness when you’re very angry.



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