Style Tip; How To Rock Skater Skirts

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Skater skirts are universally flattering on every body type. They are comfortable, easy to wear, can be made casual or more dressy and they’re relatively inexpensive.

They are versatile, but just because they are doesn’t mean we all know exactly how to style them. So, if you want to make your favorite piece look amazing, check out the 5 style tips on how to wear skater skirts for any season.

For casual looks, wear a chic tank top with your skate skirt…


For that office look you desire, rock your skater skirt with a cool shirtofficial look

Fancy look; pair your skater skirt with a glam topglam


For a Dinner/Date; rock your skater with a blazer…dinner


For a cinema date; wear your skater skirt with a casual top and fitted sneakers…cinema

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