How To Cope With A Nagging Boss

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Be Confident

Be confident and display confidence in your work. If it’s in your boss’ character to irritate staff, nothing can be done about it. He or she will use every chance to pull you down, sometimes in person, sometimes in public. No matter the circumstances, try always to never lose your self-confidence. Do not be arrogant, but display professional etiquette and confidence.

Focus On Being The Best

Always be professional in your work environment. Wear the look of professionalism in office, irrespective of your opinion about your boss. Take his or her words as a part of your job and get them done accurately. Carry out instructions as your duty and never get into judging the personality and attitude of your boss. Display your expertise without arrogance, do not let your boss’s behavior distract you from achieving your goals. Focus on activities that position you to lead and produce measurable results. In a subtle way, outdo an annoying boss with your obvious knowledge. Aim to highlight your expertise and deter an annoying boss from prodding you any further. If your expertise is clear and highly respected, an annoying boss will back off, knowing that pursuing a petty issue with you can make them look stupid if they cannot keep up with your points.

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Be Submissive

No matter how frustrated you may seem to be, try as much as possible to stay calm and submissive. Even if the annoying boss uses verbal abuse or ridicules you, remain calm. Never be emotional in tackling with such a behavior of your boss. Do not react, but simply acknowledge your boss’ power. If you react wildly in this situation, it will be a challenge to the ego of your boss. Your emotional reaction will inspire him or her to do further attacks on you. If you are calm and repose, your boss will not find any means to continue abuses and criticism. Do not confront your boss when he or she shouts at you. Instead, find a means to discuss your shortfalls with your boss later on. Discuss with your boss about what he or she expects out of you and seek his or her advice for improving on your performance. This will please your boss about your willingness to learn from your mistakes.

Be Transparent

Transparency will make others know that you have no hidden agenda and they will always support you each time the nagging boss speaks against you. Stay open and honest. Discuss any issue pertaining to your workplace openly and avoid secrecy because it will only give room for doubts. So also avoid gossips and bickering about anyone because it will definitely create wrong impressions about your personality.

Whenever you feel let down or your boss makes you feel so, instead of sulking, think of your achievements in the past. Tell yourself, “If I could do it then, I can do it even now”. The most successful people have had to endure a life of hardships. Who knows, these experiences might carve a successful person out of you! So, think of the hardships that you’ve had to face in the past and ask yourself to face the present with firmness. If you are the only one being nagged by your boss, then you need to take a look at your own attitude and performance.



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