ASK NK: Dear NK, How Do I Get Rid Of Her?

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NK is someone you can always count on to get you in check because she gives it to you like it is. Each week, you can email a question of your choice and Instagram name to for her honest thoughts and opinions. NK will respond to three questions on Saturdays and give those special 360Nobs readers a shout out on her post. She’s leaving no stone unturned and answering all your questions about entertainment, relationships, friendships, sex, love, education and much more. Ask away and don’t hesitate!


Omolara L

Dear NK, most of my friends post very sexy photos on Instagram and show off various parts of their bodies. They keep on telling me to post photos like them so I can get a lot followers and they say everyone is doing it. I just got on Instagram, but don’t know if I want to post such pictures. I don’t know what to tell them or how to address the situation. Can you help me?



Omolara my darling, don’t mind those your friends. A lot of people like to partake in behavior/ activities that have become socially acceptable with time, but aren’t always right. Instagram is the latest social media craze that has people doing some outrageous things that speaks nothing about their true characters. A lot of girls post flamboyant photos on Instagram of sexual poses and their exposed body parts because they seek attention and believe that their ‘follower’ count dictates the key to their success.

Nothing is wrong with having an Instagram account, but you have to be mindful of what you post online because that’s how you will be perceived by society. Post what you’re comfortable with sharing with the world, not what you’re told to post due to peer pressure. Also, note that true friends will not let you do what you’re uncomfortable with for their personal benefit.



Danlami P

NK, wassup? There’s one babe who won’t let me rest. I don’t like her the way she likes me, but she doesn’t care. She always finds a way to start talking to me. At this point, it’s just annoying. How do I get rid of her?



My brother, I dey oh. Don’t get rid of her just yet. First and foremeost, I would suggest you pray about it and ask the good Lord for guidance on how to present your thoughts and feelings to her. After prayer, you need to sit her down and explain that you’re not interested in pursuing her in the same way. It will be hard for her to hear, but she will thank you in the end for being honest with her. Sometimes, people have such an uncontrollable crush and just need to be directed in the proper path. Be kind and gentle about it because you don’t want to hurt her feelings in a ratchet manner.

Also take time to evaluate why she was put in your life. Maybe you weren’t meant to have a romantic relationship with her, but it might be most beneficial if you both developed a friendship. If you don’t feel so, then feel free to part ways after your conversation with her. She will respect that.



Nuella J

NK, what do you think about the appointment of Buhari as our new president?



I wish President Buhari all the best during his term in hopes of greater development and progress within our country.  Nigeria is very rich in resources and knowledge, so I hope he is able to highlight our strengths and talents.


Nikolai Obee

Nikolai Obee

Nikolai Obee (a.k.a Ms. Don't Use Me For Example) has a highly exuberant, but yet quirky personality. She’s a free spirit at heart and is constantly looking to broaden her horizons. She’s always open to others viewpoints and is an insightful listener, but never hesitant to speak her mind. Nikolai’s the typical girl next door, just with an animated twist! Follow her on Instagram @NikolaiObee Follow her blog

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