ASK NK: Help! I Need To Lose Weight

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Ask NK

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Abayomi O

i’m in love wit this girl but we haven’t seen ourselves face to face and i think she’s in love wit me too she has a daugther for a guy and she said it was a mistake and that she does not want to make the same mistake she made before with me i want to marry her the fact that she has not seen me before she left Nigeria is 1 reason why she is being reluctant to be with me i dont know what to do to win a heart i don’t have money to fly over to where she is right now  pls i need your advice on this



Abayomi my dear, you are a darling! First of all, kudos to you for accepting her daughter. A lot of men let their egos get in the way of accepting another woman’s child. I would suggest that you give the lady a bit more time to evaluate the situation at hand. In our society, having a child out of wedlock is frowned upon and being a single mother is an extremely difficult task. A single mother needs to make sure that she fully trusts, respects and understands the new man in her life before bringing him into both she and the child’s lives. Pictures, phone calls or chat messages can’t compare to the physical attributes and touch of a human body but, give her a few months to get to know the “real Abayomi” some more. She will love that and sooner or later, will be able to make a decision. Remember not to put all your eggs in one basket, but stay hopeful.


Nnena I

NK, I’ve been struggling with my weight all throughout my life and I’ve started trying to lose weight. Do you have any tips for people who are starting to live a healthier lifestyle?



Nne, I’m so happy that you’ve decided to take a step in the right direction to improve your health. My sister recently lost a lot of weight and she inspires me daily. Here are three main tips I would give to someone who’s starting to lose weight:

  1. Make sure you understand the ‘process’ that you’re about to embark on. You’re about to adopt a new lifestyle which requires you to be mentally, socially, emotionally and physically ready for the challenge.
  2. Don’t diet! For someone who has struggled with weight all throughout their life, dieting can seem like death. Begin by incorporating more fruits/ vegetables in your daily meal, drinking more water and cutting back on the sugars and fatty meals. I know it sounds like the typical advice we always get, but it works! Very soon your fruits and vegetables will replace junk food snacks and water will become your favorite beverage of life! This will help get rid of the belly fat and sluggish behavior.
  3. Start off slow and steady with exercise. Try taking a walk in the morning for 30 minutes before beginning your other daily activities. I encourage you not to be afraid of the gym anymore and start going AT LEAST twice a week. If you don’t know how to use a machine, ASK other gym members or the gym attendants themselves for help. Don’t be shy, they will assist you. Also, you can always get dumbbells to use at home when you have some spare time. As you start making progress in your workout routine, you can take on more rigorous activities.


Jasmine P


I’m a Nigerian and about to go to college but don’t know what I exactly want to study. My parents want me to be a doctor, but I really don’t want to become one. What do you suggest I do NK, or how should I confront my parents?



Hey girlie! I completely understand where you’re coming from. Nigerian parents LOVE to hear the sound of a doctor, lawyer or engineer in their families and tend to want such career paths for their children. They fail to realize that not ‘everyone’ wants to have those professions. I would like for you to take some time during this to start getting organized. Have a seat, grab a pen and paper to make a list of things you like doing and careers you could potentially see yourself working towards. What job is it that you (Jasmine) can find enjoyable, but yet profitable? Take a second to think about this and present your ideas to your parents. They should be able to help guide you in the right direction to choose a major for you to study in college. Nigerian parents can be tough, trust me…I know! Even though they can be a struggle, they love it when you have a plan. Also, look into getting some internship opportunities and volunteering within your field of choice. This will be a great start towards achieving your future goals and objectives.

Nikolai Obee

Nikolai Obee

Nikolai Obee (a.k.a Ms. Don't Use Me For Example) has a highly exuberant, but yet quirky personality. She’s a free spirit at heart and is constantly looking to broaden her horizons. She’s always open to others viewpoints and is an insightful listener, but never hesitant to speak her mind. Nikolai’s the typical girl next door, just with an animated twist! Follow her on Instagram @NikolaiObee Follow her blog

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  1. Eating healthy is important but you don’t cut out junk food altogether,moderation is key just burn off excess calories with exercise and everything will be OK.

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