Peter Of P Square Wears Lip Gloss In This Must See PHOTO

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Pushing boundaries? Or just a free spirit? Peter Okoye of the P square fame shared a pic on his Instagram post blowing a kiss into the camera, but his lip gloss stole the Shine!

In the post, the star act was seen with conspicuous glossy lips as he captions the snap while promoting hashtag #KISSKISS.

Let’s show some love by blowing kisses to some1 u Love, Like, Admire, Appreciate or even as a Fan. So feel free and take a pic and I will repost. Tag somebody with the #KISSKISS legoooo!


It’s fast becoming a trend on the star’s Instagram’s page as he began to repost fans blowing kisses. Maybe we should blow ours, but not with such heavy lip gloss!

Minimal sir!

Jordan Abiola

Jordan Abiola

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