How To Know She Has Been Lying To You That She’s A Virgin

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People have several different reasons for having relationships which may include companionship, friendship, marriage and what have you. However, some ingredients such as trust and faith are essential for its survival. Knowing if that one person you cared about told you the truth about her virginity is perhaps key to the development of the relationship and although it may be easy as you grow more and garner experience, it is usually difficult at first.
It is a well known fact that spotting if she’s a Virgin is best determined through direct inspection as most times, it is difficult to distinguish virgins and non-virgins behaviourally. More often than not, ladies that flirt a lot are most certainly not virgins so are the attractively shy and conservative ones too. For this reason, we present to you some telltale signs that you can snap up to determine if that girl with you remains intact.

Medical Examination
This perhaps is the best way yet to know if your girl is still a virgin. This involves checking the Hymen. This method however comes with a caveat as many ladies will be offended at a suggestion of a medical examination most especially if the idea is brought up in a less private place.
More so, the presence or absence of the Hymen is not a concrete determinant of virginity. There are several activities that could cause a ladies hymen to break without prior sexual intercourse. Rigorous athletic activities or the use of sex toys could do damage to the hymen. Though we all know that any lady using sex toys is probably having sex. Also, some ladies may have their hymen intact despite having previously had sex. This factor can be attributed to the ladies making out with guys with small Penises. Despite the exceptions which are usually far between, the presence of an intact hymen is a fairly accurate method of determining her virginity.

Attitude and Behavior
Just like our personalities can be determined by our attitude and behaviour, so can you get a clue of female virginity from these. There are attitudinal clues that may indicate virginity. Some of these may include the religious background of the lady, moral uprightness and ideologies. Though it appears that religion, morals and feminism are squarely against sex for different reasons. Some believe sex is wrong as they see it as a form of exploitation while others consider it a sin when done outside marriage. It is however apparent that a display of any of these characteristics might be an indication of virginity.
Furthermore, some Psychologists have said that a lot of ladies do not stay as virgins for the reasons they put forward. Some have been said to remain virgins as a result of ugliness and decide to stay as virgins because they do not want to become cheap by sleeping with some one that is not of their social strata. Thus, for this reason, they justify their staying off sex by declaring sex as immoral.

Birth control pills
Well, you wouldn’t see a virgin take birth control pills now, or would you? Seeing packs of birth control pills in her cabinet or purse is an indication she is no longer a virgin. Why is she trying to stop a pregnancy I’d she’s not doing it?

Testing for STI’s
Most probably, if she is testing for sexually transmitted infections then she definitely has had sex. For her to be testing for HIV, Hepatitis or Syphilis means she has had it with a guy and worried if she will get an infection from a prior intercourse.

Obviously, a girl doesn’t need to be pretty before she has sex nor does she have to be fat and ugly as there are a million and one guys out there willing to sleep with anything that has a hole. If a lady is pretty, the chances of her being a virgin is slim except she is a feminist or a religious buff but she may still be having sex though. However, most girls that remain virgins are often times ugly but note that not all ugly girls are virgins. An example are prostitutes who appear ugly most times and have had a huge amount of sex. Thus, appearance can only be employed as a method of dismissing virginity claims and not confirming it.

Skin colour
Her skin colour could help you determine her virginity. Virgins tend to have soft and fairer skins than their non virgin counterparts. Ladies that have made out tend to have darker and more coarse skins.

If you’re a virgin, then you might perhaps want to control the amount of makeup you put on. People most times see girls that use makeups as non-virgins and sluttier than ladies that don’t.

Finally, there is no hard and fast rule to determining virginity but if you’re so keen about it, follow the clues above and enjoy your life.



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  1. Almost most all the.points about determining if a girl is a virgin or not are incorrect. Where did you get your information?

  2. Because I feel it is my duty to going to correct your text. Because firstly the arguments you offer in your text are offensive and ignorant and secondly misinformation can cause unnecessary conflict amongst people. So do not take offense. I am simply doing my duty.

  3. MEDICAL EXAMINATION: correct. You can ask you local doctor or gynecologist on this matter.

    ATTITUDE & BEHAVIOUR: 1. There is NO norm in virgin.behavior because people vary so does their behaviour and attitude, there is no difference when you are a virgin. One could say girls that seem shy and reserved towards which ever sex they are attracted to could be considered virgins bit that could just be someones personality. There are virgins who are flirtatious, outgoing and or could even have boyfriends but have never gone past 2nd base. Also being religious doesn’t mean you hate sex or obdrm people who re sexually active,but that you wish to have sex after marriage with a person you love. Same thing having sex doesn’t mean you are a slut or are and immoral person. your body belongs to yourself and you make the decision if you want to have sex or not. Being.a feminist means that you fight for and value gender equality(Google definitely. Offense feminism). Being a feminist doesn’t mean you hate sex or men , but that you want people to respect and treat women fairly and they aid and uplifting women who are being abused and oppressed( rape, child marriage, domestic abuse, human rights violations etc..) There are women and girls who are feminists and sexually active and love it. Also one DOES NOT have to “justify” why one isn’t sexually active because there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with not having sex. York body belongs to you. Another point is there are virgins who are experienced in foreplay and virgins who haven’t kissed anyone before.

    BIRTH CONTROL PILLS: Are NOT ONLY given to girls who are sexually active. In case of anemia ( low iron blood disease), hormonal imbalances, irregular period, cysts in the uetra and acne etc..BIRTH control pills can be used for many reasons.

    Testing for STI’s: correct except that one can get HIV infected by simply getting the blood of an infected person on a cut on your hand, sharing a tooth brush. Please inform yourself adequately, misinformation and obviousness can be dangerous.

    SKIN COLOUR: XD I’m sorry I can’t help myself but saying that one is not a virgin because the skin is dark and course..XD… is ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS. 1. There are a lot of people on this planet who are dark skinned (the majority of the southern hemisphere) …some people are born dark skinned. People skin tones and skin texture can vary immensely due to genetics, heritage climate, environment, diet/nutrition and what lotions or soap they use. Lot of teenagers have acne and that is the majority of the virgin population.

    MAKE UP: To say someone is slurry because they use make up is exasperating. Some girls enjoy using make up already at a young age playing princesses and dress up. Of course one should be careful to not end up looking like a clown, but at the end of the day you should wear what makes.You feel comfortable and or confident. Yes, there will be people who judge you on your make up but one can’t determine if a person is a virgin from their make up. Some girls dislike make up as it makes them feel unnatural and in comfortable, but are not virgins other girls like using make up in some cases one DOESN’T even notice the make, and are virgin’s.

    At the end of the day don’t judge a book by its cover, because you might miss.out on a great story. 😉

    Thank you,
    and keep yourselves well informed.


  4. I really hope you were joking especially about the birth control pill there are medical reasons for a person to take them that does not mean that they’re having sex nor does it mean that they’re willing when I go to the woman’s doctor and get my birth control pills its to regulate my cycle and I am me a bag of condoms and I just take them basically throw them on my dresser drawer just because a woman has condoms doesn’t mean that she’s willing that does not mean that she’s having sex also how is it that a girl flirts lot probably isn’t a virgin maybe she only likes to flirt maybe that means that she likes to have fun and talk and enjoy conversation and not take it any further I’m genuinely confused about what you came up with the Sun it would be interested to hear your

  5. Dude why don’t you get a medical check up? You’re in serious need of a mental check up… all the points are so damn unreasonable… how can you tell if a girl is a virgin or not based on her appearance; by telling whether or not does she uses make up that is something what one wishes to do who the fuck you think you are to judge someone… and by commenting on someone’s skin tone you’re just being a racist…. there are many medical reasons why one may take birth control pills… and just because someone is shy and reserved doesn’t mean the person is a virgin may be the person is just not comfortable with you… nor if the person flirts with you means that she is a non virgin… this post and the writer both reAlly sucks!

  6. This is very stupid! I’m as virgin as mother Mary herself. Because of my authenticity, being Peruvian and Native American, I’m super tan with brown hair and eyes. I sky wear makeup often, but tons of girls do to change their appearance. And I have to take birth control pills, like a lot of girls do, because sometimes we suffer blood loss from overly heavy periods. It also helps with cramps from mestruation. All of this is bullshit. My hymen is broken, but my because of sports, sex, or “toys” I use a fucking tampon! Oh, and I’ve been told I was attractive. Guess what? Still a virgin! I’m not shy, and tan so you can suck on that!

  7. Everything is almost false. I’m 17 and I’m a virgin, and I wear make up(not a lot, but I do), I’m not religious and I’m not ugly, I am really confident, yes, my skin id fair(but my mom’s skin is just like mine, and of course she is not a virgin), I’m not shy at all and over everything, I take birth control pills since I was 15 because I started to have hormonal problems and started to loose my period, the pills control my hormones to have regular periods. Get real information before you write something like this.

  8. What in the actual fuck did I just read? MAYBE, 2% of this information is accurate; prostitutes having sex, I mean. That’s it though, as this is obviously troll spoof.

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