Meet Nigeria’s New Generation Magician, Enigmagik + His Amazing Photos Inside!

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Ever been fascinated by magic? Are you greatly impressed by illusions? Welcome to the world of Enigmagik, and prepare for a buffet!

Enigmagik was born on 8th April,1990 into a mixed religion family and comes from the Middle Belt region of Nigeria. He was born and raised up in Abuja, the Capital of Nigeria. He graduated from Newcastle University, UK in 2011 with a Bsc Honours in Biotechnology and has completed his NYSC service.

Enigmagik is regarded as a Magical Entertainer/illusionist in Nigeria. He’s being using magic tricks for the past 3years for entertainment purpose. He has featured at several events, parties etc. as a magician and has performed tricks for countless people including a few celebrities. He is mainly based in Abuja but has had different offers to perform his art in other parts of Nigeria.

He uses the art of magic to make memorable moments and friends. Once people know a magician is in their midst, they are eager to be entertained with magic.  A stage isn’t always needed for him to do his feats of magic but he uses plenty unexpected scenarios to work his magic. He has done his tricks for people at random places and on the spot, anywhere is his stage. Because of all this and more ,people solely remember him as ‘the magician’, he is slowly being regarded as the face of magic in Nigeria.

The pressure on a magician to perform his art is high and because of this Enigmagik dedicates his time at being a magical entertainer, he has made several plans to make his tricks more bigger and better. He is going to showcase a huge magic show the kind of which is seen in US, Japan, Canada etc. The magic show is guaranteed to keep audiences at the edge of their seats and full of surprises. He is keen on showing Nigerians how the art of magic is about entertainment. His aim is to please the crowd with fun, amazing and entertaining magic tricks. The beauty of his art dictates to him to entertain his audience, magic is his art and entertaining the audience his pleasure. The best part of his art for him is when the audience experiences that moment of magic, this is when Enigmagik knows he has done his role as a magical entertainer.

Enigmagik is an entertainer that is bound to be full of surprises and audience should expect to see more entertainment from this new and unique Nigerian magician. Follow him on twitter @Enigmagik.



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