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Yesterday, you were here
Holding me, touching me
Keeping me from me

Yesterday, Just yesterday
You were here
Kissing me, caressing me
Making me proud of me

I knew not of the world,
So in insane naiveté
And ignorance unparalleled
Much like a coy mistress
I flirted with beguiled thoughts
Of a me without you
Of an emptiness I knew not of

One day…
I wished upon a star
My wishes just for a scar
Beckoning demurely to disaster
By God, did I get an answer…

Love left me!

Thirsty, lost, exhausted
Love left me

Desperate, grasping to nothing
Love left me

Frightened, abandoned to the unknown
Love left me

In blissful ignorance
Had I danced
Danced with an unfamiliar face
Exposed to darkness
In sheer contourless state
Dance did I? Yes
In uninhibited and unbridled freedom,
I danced, ever so wantonly
Frenzied, as a drunk monkey
Throwing my heart around,
Ping pong, ping pong!
Never caring where it landed,
Letting nothing get in my way

Unknown to me, I was searching
Searching for Love
The Love that left me
Love I had taken for granted!

After where my heart has been,
No one understood,
Nothing mattered but Love
Pleasure went unnoticed,
Leaving just a good sense of pain,
Strengthening my affair with darkness,
But I want out!

I want LOVE back!

June Ebube

June Ebube

June Ebube

In 4 words - Confused, Lost, Crazy, Curious, In 3 words - Stinks of greatness. In 2 words - Unpredictably Intelligent. In 1 word - Creative. They say "...deeply erotic and sexual. Evoking fantasies beyond imagination...not your everyday poet. Yet flipping her over reveals another side....a talented and skilled nature decorated by a vivid imagination that turns dreams into ideas and eventually into elegant designs (www.oobejune.wordpress.com). Then again, beneath all these lies a mushy and emotional core....the source of the beauty that is June Ebube. In simple terms, she reflects the persona of a strong woman,the dream of the modern man!" No b me talk am o!

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