The BMW M3 Special Champion Edition Salutes Bruno Spengler

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It doesn’t get much more insanely badass than this BMW M3 Special Champion Edition.

This car, modeled after the one Bruno Spengler drove in this year’s DTM racing series, is the quintessence of understated strength: the kind of car that is all the way cool, but is secure it doesn’t have to be flashy.

It features metallic “frozen black” paint with dark chrome accents and matte black wheels and the top of the car is accented with a tri-color M stripe.

This BMW M3 Special Champion Edition is a celebratory release for BMW. After being out of DTM racing for nearly 20 years, the car making returned this year and, on the back of Canadian driver Bruno Spengler, won the driver’s title.

Only 54 of these BMW M3 Special Champion Edition cars are available and I can’t even imagine how many figures getting one would set a person back.

Personally, I’m only impressed by trucks and SUVs, but I have to admit  this ride is pretty sleek. See for yourself.






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