Song Of a Soul

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Sunday Morning Vibes

I’m thankful that i’m still alive

Should be in church /but/ my flesh decides to take five

Take a break//

from tha weeks hustling// my Souls strugglin’

but tha Body needs comforting….

from tha punishing schedule// Soul’s in need of fuel

wrestling with tha Body but it loses that duel

…biased mind….

its in cahoots with tha Body

tells my Soul “Go to church, but you aint taking Body”

my Body celebrates

grabs a pen n grabs some paper

puffs on a roach n tells my Soul; “i’ll see you later”

now ma Soul’s all shook up, in tha room corner

contemplating what he gon tell tha Father….

…as his vessel rebels,

he’s like a snail with no shell

Like Alfred with No Bell


Alfred had NoBel…..


Sou’ls in a good mood// i mean Soul’s a good dude

he dont take it to Heart

cos He knowz Hearts Bodys Dude…


What to do/ What to do/ What would Jesus Do?

Turns to the Guardian Angel; “See what i’m going thru?”

Dude dont care, gonna be on Earth for like 90 years

Then its all me,

Will it be Fire or will be Cheers?

meehn!!! i’m outta here….

but he knows he cant;

Body’s starting to pant

choking on d roach, eyes starting to slant…

Then Mind speaks….

“Yo Bud, you dont look so sweet, put down that spliff

go lie down for a minute”

Body obliges;

Soul rolls his eyes, scanning thru the Movie that is their Life….

“Lord, i’m falling”

it’ll be Night Eternal with the Son of the Morning

n dis selfish dude dont care

he wont be tha one dats burning….

selfish twit// cares only for cash, ass, liquor n sleep

plus the words he pens occasionally on a sheet

Borderline atheist

Lord i’m losing my Patience…

“How do i cut off my nose n still save face?”

No time for riddles

Body’s Gasping, clutching his middle

Soul returns home..n the Reaper puts away His sickle…..

The Angel Smiles….



….. By Ugo Ahumareze



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