J.E’s PIECES OF ME: I Used To Love You!

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I used to love you
Everyday and every night
We used to make love
In our lying and waking
It used to be our world
Emotions explosive
It used to be just us
Sharing, giving

But you wronged me
You shamed me
You broke me

You stepped out
And built another world
With him
A world unknown

I took the knife
I took the rope
I tied you up
Cut off pleasure stick
And watched you die

I did it for love
I did it for our world
You died
I died

Now we meet again
I, the man
You my lover

June Ebube

June Ebube

June Ebube

In 4 words - Confused, Lost, Crazy, Curious, In 3 words - Stinks of greatness. In 2 words - Unpredictably Intelligent. In 1 word - Creative. They say "...deeply erotic and sexual. Evoking fantasies beyond imagination...not your everyday poet. Yet flipping her over reveals another side....a talented and skilled nature decorated by a vivid imagination that turns dreams into ideas and eventually into elegant designs (www.oobejune.wordpress.com). Then again, beneath all these lies a mushy and emotional core....the source of the beauty that is June Ebube. In simple terms, she reflects the persona of a strong woman,the dream of the modern man!" No b me talk am o!


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