Dhamani’s Mused Minds: Aphrodite

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Oh vase!
Look around you!
You’ve got so much life that if…
If I had met your potter, I’d have given up my life.
What beautiful flowers that blossom!
What lovely scent that greets me every morning!
Your body exudes style and knowledge
What a combination!
I will call you Aphrodite.
For what you make me imagine,
Is none that my tongue should express.
Yes… You stand there staring at me
Welcoming me with a smile I probably never forget all day.

The crack…
Reminds me of Egyptian writings in days far gone.
But tell the truth great Aphrodite!
Pray! tell me!
Who really are you?
Akhos? Ania? or Lupe?
Distress? grief? or pain?
I refuse to be deceived by all of these
All that you appear to be…
That I know you’re not!
The reality of what I know anyway
Is that sooner or later,
You will fall apart.

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