J.E’s PIECES OF ME: Torn Apart

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Torn apart…Forlorn I am
Alas!…never to be the same again
Oh poor soul that I am
Tired,weary and old
I begged for an honourable leave
My master would have none of that

Imagine!… pinging on bike
He blamed it on the bike,
Even the bike man,
The untarred road
Against the advice & wise sayings
Of a very wise young girl
To leave me be
He,my poor soul tore apart
An unworthy reward
For all my years of faithful service

Now my retirement years
Will never be as planned
For he has broken me
From the center-part of my being
The part that makes me what I am
The part that differentiates me from That of eve’s embodiment

Forlorn..my poor soul weeps
For unto my master,”expect the unexpected”

June Ebube

P.S A letter from a friend’s old trouser(pants) to his master, the wearer who happens to be my best friend! He’s worn those pants for years and still won’t let go, until the day it bust from the center seams while on his way to work.

June Ebube

June Ebube

In 4 words - Confused, Lost, Crazy, Curious, In 3 words - Stinks of greatness. In 2 words - Unpredictably Intelligent. In 1 word - Creative. They say "...deeply erotic and sexual. Evoking fantasies beyond imagination...not your everyday poet. Yet flipping her over reveals another side....a talented and skilled nature decorated by a vivid imagination that turns dreams into ideas and eventually into elegant designs (www.oobejune.wordpress.com). Then again, beneath all these lies a mushy and emotional core....the source of the beauty that is June Ebube. In simple terms, she reflects the persona of a strong woman,the dream of the modern man!" No b me talk am o!


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