360Trailers: I’ll Take My Chances

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Peep the sneak preview for I’ll Take My Chances, a dance movie produced by Emem Isong and Ini Edo and directed by Desmond Elliott.

Release date: September 2011
Starring: Ini Edo, Bryan Okpara, Ashleigh Clark, Sam Loco Efe, Lilian Ini Ikpe
Director: Desmond Elliot
Producer: Emem Isong


I’ll take my chances is a tale of love, passion and dance. Osa Ogiamen is a young Theatre Arts graduate that majored in dance in America and is passionate about it. He hopes to stage a drama called “Drumbeats” and scouts all over for sponsorship together with his Peruvian girlfriend Gisele and they are both hopeful to find it.

He however has to go for his Youth Service Orientation in the rustic village of Ikot Uyai in Cross River State and there meets the enigmatic and beautiful Idara. Despite their obvious differences the two are drawn together but Idara harbours a dark secret. She has been selected to be the next High Priestess of unek, a deity that is worshipped by her people through dance.

Torn between her love for Osa and her duty to obey the call of the deity, Idara must choose and face the greatest battle of all. Osa finally receives the much awaited funding from Giselle’s father to stage his production which must be entered in a dance festival taking place in Lagos. The winner of the festival gets a grant of $100,000.00.

In Idara, Osa sees the perfect partner for his drama and decides to substitute Gisele, his previous partner with her, making her (Gisele) a bitter enemy. In preparation for the production, Idara leaves the village for the big city and starts dance preparation however the calls from the deity and incessant dreams she has of herself dancing and fulfilling her priestly role, haunts her.

This combined with the cries and wails from her family about the imminent disaster and certain death that is sure to befall her should she shirk her duty, succeeds in making her decide to abandon the city, for home. Idara is in a dilemma. Should she attend to the call of duty as the next Priestess of Unek or should she stay and remain where her love resides.



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  1. A movie that Desmond Elliot directed and Ex-Mr Nigeria is staring…..”I will take my chances” to see the this movie hoping to be proved wrong. After Desmond’s attempt at “career in music”, I don’t trust his judgement.

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